Faithful Counseling for Teens is a website that offers online counseling services to individuals seeking mental health support. The website offers a variety of counseling options, including individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling, as well as specialized services for issues such as addiction, anxiety, and depression. Clients can choose from a network of licensed and experienced counselors who are available to provide support and guidance through online sessions.

One of the main advantages of using is the convenience and flexibility it offers. Clients can schedule sessions at any time and from any location, as long as they have internet access. This can be especially helpful for individuals who live in rural or remote areas, or for those who have difficulty leaving their home due to mobility or health issues. Additionally, the website’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for clients to find the right counselor for their needs and schedule appointments.

Another benefit of using is the confidentiality and privacy it provides. All communication between clients and counselors is protected by secure technology and client information is kept confidential. Clients can also choose to have sessions via phone, video or text to fit their comfort level. The website also offers a wide range of resources, including articles, videos, and assessments, to help clients learn more about mental health and how to improve their well-being.

Faithful Counseling for Teens

What popular features do you get with Faithful Counseling?

  • Secure online counseling
  • Various counseling options

  • Experienced licensed counselors
  • Convenient and flexible

  • Confidential and private
  • Wide range of resources

Who is Faithful Counseling ideal for?

Faithful Counseling is a Christian-based online counseling service that is ideal for individuals and teens who are looking for a faith-centered approach to mental health treatment. It is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking guidance, support, and healing from a Christian perspective. The service is particularly helpful for those who struggle with issues related to faith, spirituality, and religion, as well as common mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. Additionally, it may also be beneficial for people who are seeking to integrate their faith into their therapy and are looking for a counselor who shares their values and beliefs.

Pros and Cons

  • Christian-based approach
  • Faith-centered perspective
  • Specializes in faith-related issues
  • Available to people of all ages and backgrounds

  • Limited to a Christian perspective
  • Not suitable for individuals with different religious beliefs
  • May not be covered by insurance
  • Limited to online sessions

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How much does Faithful Counseling cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Faithful Counseling is an online counseling service that offers a variety of pricing options to meet the needs of different clients. They offer a sliding scale fee option, so the cost of counseling will depend on your income. Additionally, they offer a limited number of scholarships for individuals who are unable to afford the cost of counseling. They also offer a free trial session for new clients. Overall, the cost of counseling with Faithful Counseling is flexible and determined on a case-by-case basis to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Faithful Counseling Customer Support

Faithful Counseling offers several ways to reach their customer support team. The first way is through their website, where they have a contact form that can be filled out and submitted for a response. They also have a chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions. They also have an email address that can be used to contact their customer support team, which is Additionally, they have a customer support phone number that can be called during business hours. They also have a FAQ page and a blog on their website where people can find information on how to get started, billing, and how to schedule an appointment.


Faithful Counseling is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their mental and emotional well-being. The online counseling service offers a flexible and affordable pricing options, a diverse team of licensed counselors, and a variety of specialties to meet the needs of different clients. The platform is easy to use, and the customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns. Whether you’re struggling with a specific issue or simply looking to improve your overall well-being, Faithful Counseling can help. With its commitment to providing quality care and its ability to connect clients with the right counselor, Faithful Counseling is an excellent choice for anyone looking for counseling services. Don’t wait any longer, take the first step towards a better you by signing up for Faithful Counseling today.